This is not a Homemade controller But a Ready made Webcontroller interface .
It has :
3x Analog inputs 0-5Volt
8x Digital Inputs
8x Digital Outputs
8x 1 Wire inputs for Temperatuur
1x 1 Wire Humidity input
Ethernet Interface
Onboard Webcontroller.
And There is a Xap Plugin That can work with Homeseer
I use this board for the read out off the washing machine.
The tuble dryer
The temp off the refrigerator
Controlling for the Ventilation true a solid state relay
Door sensor
For the washing machine i use a aditional Homemade interface that can read the status  
leds on the washing machine and tumble dryer.

Be Carefull the Webcontroller inputs are Max 5Volt
So if you going to build the led reader use only a 5 Volt power supply for this interface
1x Webcontroller
1X Led Controller
Dallas 1Wire temp  Sensors
Dallas With housing
Humidity Sensor
1X Homeseer Plugin (Xap)
Discussion on HomeseerBoard
I am not so good in making nice fronts so itís a simple front with
Only the necessary plugs.
Upper left 3 are for the temp sensors
The fourth is the output for my solid-state relay
The middle two are for the Digital inputs (door sensors)
The bottom two are for the Analogue input
The Rj45 is for the additional led reader
The most right one is the Power supply input

Here you can see the Dallas temp Sensor its mounted in the Webcontroller case.
The inside of the Webcontroller case
This is a picture from the aditional Led Reader (top side).
This is a picture from the aditional Led Reader (Bottom side).
The  aditional Led Reader in his housing left the RJ45 for connecting to the
Webcontroller The right is the cabel from the LDR's
This is the LDR cabel with three LDR mounted ).
This is a picture from the Washing machine the three top leds I am using for the status
The first is for washing second is for spooling and the third is for centrifugation

For the Tumble dryer i use a current clamp with a dc converter
That you can make with a bridge rectifyer and a condenser