Modifying Remote SS13A to 433Mhz

On request from a forum member i have made a modification to this remote to let it work on 433MHz.
The modification is very simpel.
I have tried to make the pictures speak for them self.

The original remote.
What you need:
1x Transmitter
Thin wire
some patient and good eyes
remove R2.
The connection from R2  close to C1 this is the  output

Here you can see the controller the third pin on the bottom from the left is the output
The copper line with the blue wire = 3Volt

You can get the power direct from the clips from the batt.
The new transmitter on its place .

The remote almost finish watch out that the transmitter is small this one I used is 1mm to high and i have gut some
plastic out the box to make it fit.